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  • Chris the Chemist Chris the Chemist Nov 21, 2012 12:44 PM Flag

    Help settle a trade dispute

    I haven't really heard anything about Lynch lately. I have however noticed LeShoure lately.
    That trade shouldn't have been vetoed. Pretty fair

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    • apparently the only people replying to this post know less about fantasy football than the guy who attempted to make this trade.you havent heard anything about lynch lately cause his team just had a bye week. he ranks 2nd in the league in rushing yards.

      in lynch's last 4 games prior to the bye he scored 11.6 against San Francisco, 16.6 against DET, 21 against Minnesota, and 19.1 vs the Jets.

      leshoure's last 4 games 5.5 against seattle, 25 vs jacksonville(18 points on three TD's, so only 70 yards) 4.8 against the same minnesota team that lynch scored 21 on, and 14.2 vs green bay.

      nothing fair about this trade. lynch plays on a run first team, leshoure on a pass first team.

      can somebody who knows what they are talking about reply to this post.

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      • Why don't you just have the commissioner lock the last place team so he can't do anything.

        Maybe they feel Leshoure will do better in the NEXT 4 games then Lynch will.

        BTW, I love how you discount the 3 TD's leshoure scored against Minn in his total(4.8) but have no problem counting Lynch's TD against the same Minn team (21).

        Why don't you just say the following:
        Only those that agree with me can reply to this post.

      • leshoure is averaging 11.11 points per game
        lynch is averaging 14.22 points per game

      • I agree with G B - this trade makes no sense at all. LeShoure is RB 2 material, Lynch is a #1 back who has played matchup proof football. That trade smells fishy!

      • Hey G B - It doesn't matter. It is a "league votes" league. End of story. Next year, consider a rule that allows the Commish to overule any trade the league vetoes. Or change it to "the Commish decides".
        Confirm to the 3rd place team the bad news (no Lynch), but he still has Lesure.
        Early in the season, most trades go through. Only later, when usually only people who are not at the bottom of the league are still interested, do those owners react by vetoing trades that could affect their own playoff hopes. Same thing happened to my league last year - 1st 21 trades all approved. The last 8 (in the final weeks) all rejected.
        So we gave the Commish (me) the power to overrule vetoed trades this year. The net result; only 3 trades made all season so far (I extend the trade deadline to the farthest out YAHOO allows)!
        It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. I guess the silver lining is that you have owners in your league who care trying by to protect their own interests. Since you are friends in a $ league, have a good debate over the offseason. You guys can figure it out.
        Happy Thanksgiving! Personally, without knowing all the goings on in your league, I would not have overruled the League Veto on this one.

      • The trade should only be vetoed if you think they are cheating... The ability to protest is there to prevent collusion, thats it.

        If 2 people agree to a trade it should not be protested, It is not my job or yours to manage someone elses team for them...

        Unless, they're cheating...

        In my league Alfred Morris was traded for Miles Austin and then again a few weeks later for Victor Cruz... Neither trade was protested, and it's not a bunch of rag tag idiots in there either, I've got 3 members wanting to kick another out for not setting his lineup last week..


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