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  • Rob Rob Nov 21, 2012 8:02 AM Flag

    Waivers didn't function, players blocked now available

    So waivers didn't go through last night. Yahoo sucks again. Players who had claims on them were also, inexplicably unavailable, back on waivers until Sunday. That is, until a few minutes ago, when, suddenly, those players *were* available and a team in my league, with low waiver priority, swooped in a picked up the two most desirable backs on waivers. I expect a long, tedious day of owners complaining and crying foul. Thanks Yahoo.

    Our longtime league moved here from Sportsline, which charged for custom leagues because a few guys touted how Yahoo's system was just as good and free. Obviously, Yahoo really isn't as good. The outages, the weird Thursday night waivers, all of the other glitches. This one, when teams are making a playoff run is pretty major and unforgivable.

    -- until a few minutes ago -- and, to cause even more hassle, a team in my league quickly picked up the two most desirable running backs on the wire. He had a low waiver priority to boot. Can't wait for this mess to start once all of the owners in my league wake up. The outages, the weird Thursday night waivers, all of the other 'glitches'. This one seems pretty major. Its hard to complain when the service is free but I will be moving my long-time keeper league to another service next year.

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    • We had the same problem last night. It was the first time the waiver processed so late. It processed at 7:01 am (usually it's around 2 or 3am. It went in order, but gave the 1st guy up all 3 of his picks, the 2nd guy his one pick, the 3rd guy all 3 of his picks, the 4th team only got one of three because the first and third team were awarded their picks early. What a mess. Plus to add to the problem, I have one guy who works midnights and picked up a player at 5:30 am thinking that the waiver had already executed. I have no idea how to fix all this before noon tomorrow.

    • Nobody "swooped in" and placed waiver claims. Any free agent adds before waivers were processed were just that... free agent adds.
      All waiver claims processed as normal, just later then you would've liked... even thought the timing doesn;t matter

    • Thursday night waivers? Please explain. I haven't heard that one. This is the only year there's ever been any problems, to be honest. You just got unlucky. I'm sure they'll fix it.

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      • I was looking through Commish Tools and found a "Day Waivers Processed" menu where you could pick which day of the week. The problem, the more waivers to process on a week when several players go down the longer it takes. So setting them to say Thursday might avoid the rush. I didn't really check it out.

    • This phenomenon happens every week in the early morning hours. Some Owners stay up to see who is claimed and who isn't and those who aren't are mysteriously available while the other claimed are on waivers. You are just seeing it because it happened so late. It's mentioned in the rules. '
      It has taken Yahoo until 11:00 am to process waivers on some weeks. Wednesday doesn't mean as the clock strikes 12.


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