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    Need Division Leader Help?

    Have a 10 team Head-to-Head league with 2 divisions. Settings are that division leaders advance but seeded by overall standings. I was under the impression that was for playoffs only and that division leaders were still selected by division record but it appears that isn't the case. Currently in one division we have:

    Team A (division leader): overall record 8-3, div record 3-2; points for 1531
    Team B (second place in div): overall record 7-4, div record 5-1; points for 1594 (lost to Team A the only time they played each other)

    Can someone please explain or verify how Team A is determined to be the division leader? Is it that divisions leaders are chosen by teams overall record? Teams are asking and i'm obviously confused too.

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    • Head to Head is always best OVERALL record (actually it is winning percentage). Division Record only comes into play when breaking ties within the division (Head to head record doesn't matter at all). If teams are tied and in different division, then total points are used to break the tie.

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      • I have two teams within a division with identical overall score. The team in front has a worse in-division record by a game, but has higher points-for.
        Team X in 3rd overall at 7-4, with a 6-3 division record and 1144 points.
        Team Y in 5th overall at 7-4, with a 7-3 division record and 994 points.
        The one team above both of them is 7-4 / 7-3 / 1064.
        How is X ahead of Y? He should be ahead of both or behind both, right? He has the most points, but the two have better divisional records.



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