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    10 team league
    I have a guy that had at QB coming in to this past week, Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. Since EIi was on a bye and Ben was hurt, he added Carson Palmer. He added Carson on Friday and says that he immediately put him in to the starting line-up via his phone. However, the yahoo site never had Palmer as his starter. He had not checked his team, for fair reasons, until about 5:00 pm EST Sunday and noticed that he had no QB starting.

    The tricky part is that his matchup was close enough, that Monday night game effected the outcome. He had Brandon Marshall and David Akers playing last night. As of right now there is still a vacancy in his QB spot and he lost his matchup. If Palmer would have been in he would have won by 3 or 4 points.

    As commissioner of my league I do not rule with an iron fist. I put everything up for league vote and then make the most fair decision from there. I am looking for someone elses input on the matter so I can make this thing final. I know that I will be #$%$ someone off no matter what decision I make. I just want it to be the right decision. Do I put Palmer's points in for him, or do I say oh well, your bad and leave him out?

    Thanks for your time

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    • Noah - what did you end up deciding to do? Please let us know.

    • I'm a commish myself. It is the managers responsibility to make sure their team has what it needs. Only if he was going to be gone that week and alerted ahead of time that he cant change his roster, thats the only time you intervene with someones roster in that situation. Otherwise, not your problem. He has a responsibility to double check and make sure his team is ready to go. I would NOT grant any amnesty on this one. Sorry.

    • make them tie

    • make them tie

    • I understand his intention to play Palmer since Manning was on bye and Roth was out.
      But, if you make an exception here, you will be faced with more exceptions on less clear cut issues.
      Even if you thought this was clear cut case, let's take a closer look.
      Did he have his QB spot open or did he have Roth in there?
      Either way, he might have been waiting for Roth's status. Maybe he thought there was a chance that Roth might play... That's why he left his QB blank so he can plug in Roth if he plays and if Roth doesn't play he can say he wanted to put in Palmer... There is a chance he was thinking this way...

      As a fantasy player, especially if you use your phone to check on fantasy teams, he should have known that his QB was blank. He had from Fri to Sun 1pm to check on his team's status... I'm sure he checked his points before 1pm on Sun for his team points, and he should have noticed that Palmer was not there... The more I think about it I think this guy is dishonest and should not be rewarded...

    • You mentioned he noticed @ 5 on Sunday. I'm guessing that was when he informed you of the issue. If so, this should have been resolved IMMEDIATELY instead of waiting to see what the outcome of the MNF game/fantasy game. You will probably get some backlash for it, but I would edit his roster to show Palmer was in his lineup. The INTENT was definitely there. However, if he is just now bringing this issue up to you, I might be a little hesitant making the change, depending on exactly what the "fair reasons" were (doesn't take long to verify your lineup).

      This would not be the first time I've heard of people having issues using the yahoo mobile app. Just this week, I had an owner call me who was trying to make pickups on her phone that couldn't. Had to borrow someones tablet at the bar to make the pickups/lineup changes for her.

      As for putting it up to a league vote, not sure this is a decision for the league to decide. Being a commissioner is not about letting the league decide everything based on votes. Sure there are some things such as trades and/or rule changes that the league can vote on, but your commissioner for a reason and that is to make an unbiased ruling when issues like this come up. And it's not a matter of ruling with an "Iron Fist". I can guarantee that teams will be voting based on how the ruling would effect their own team, not what should be done.

      One last thing, if you don't already have one, you should come up with a League Constitution. After week 10 and what happened to the owner this week, I'll be looking to add an amendment next year dealing with issues with the mobile app as it seems to have some bugs in it.

    • Palmer stays on bench! Sorry but its the owners responsibility to make sure that his lineup was save properly . And the fact he did it from his phone should not be part of your or his decision or argument. He had all week to add a QB. He knew Eli was on bye and everybody that knew that Ben was gonna miss.


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