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  • Noah Noah Nov 20, 2012 11:34 AM Flag


    hey picked palmer up friday knowing he was going to be his starter. thats why he dropped ben to get him

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    • What you do is you state that there are valid points to make either decision. You then have each of them in seperate emails guess YOUR weekly score for the following week before the games start. The guy who guesses closest gets his way. The bottom line here is that you don't make the decision. You tell them its too close and you make a competition out of it so no one feels cheated. Trust me here.

    • In my league we have a rule that if someone is unable to make a change (either not near an internet connection or having issues with website, example week #10) they need to contact me either by email, text or phone call BEFORE the games start for the players involved. Once the ball is kicked off to start the game, then whatever that lineup says at that time stands. During the panic of Week #10/2012 I had managers text me with what changes they wanted to make. In that text i have proof of what time they contacted me and it was before the games started. So therefore, when I was able to make the changes if any other manager needed verification, I was able to provide it for them.
      In this case, I'd say tough #$%$ to the manager in question and he'll just use this as a learning experience. Not ruling with an "Iron Fist" but just making the rules clear to everyone at the begining of the season goes a long way when situations like this come up. As to a constitution for a league, what a great idea. We just have a list of rules, but I'm loving the constitution idea.

    • If he did drop Ben to get Palmer, I'd say his intentions were clear.

      The question then do you as the commish cover for his mistake in not verifying the changes in his roster were saved? How legit is his reasons (was on Military weekend, in jail, in hospital, wedding, hunting/hiking/camping, ...) since he did the swap via his phone, most of the weekend he should have had some level of access so unless he was someplace where he didn't have cell service he should have had time to double check his roster.

      Legit Reason = Yes to fix
      Questionable, but he would have had to work at getting the time carved out = League vote
      Iffy Reason = No to fix


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