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  • Eulogys Eulogys Nov 20, 2012 9:54 AM Flag


    You mentioned he noticed @ 5 on Sunday. I'm guessing that was when he informed you of the issue. If so, this should have been resolved IMMEDIATELY instead of waiting to see what the outcome of the MNF game/fantasy game. You will probably get some backlash for it, but I would edit his roster to show Palmer was in his lineup. The INTENT was definitely there. However, if he is just now bringing this issue up to you, I might be a little hesitant making the change, depending on exactly what the "fair reasons" were (doesn't take long to verify your lineup).

    This would not be the first time I've heard of people having issues using the yahoo mobile app. Just this week, I had an owner call me who was trying to make pickups on her phone that couldn't. Had to borrow someones tablet at the bar to make the pickups/lineup changes for her.

    As for putting it up to a league vote, not sure this is a decision for the league to decide. Being a commissioner is not about letting the league decide everything based on votes. Sure there are some things such as trades and/or rule changes that the league can vote on, but your commissioner for a reason and that is to make an unbiased ruling when issues like this come up. And it's not a matter of ruling with an "Iron Fist". I can guarantee that teams will be voting based on how the ruling would effect their own team, not what should be done.

    One last thing, if you don't already have one, you should come up with a League Constitution. After week 10 and what happened to the owner this week, I'll be looking to add an amendment next year dealing with issues with the mobile app as it seems to have some bugs in it.

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