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  • Coriwyn Coriwyn Nov 20, 2012 1:00 PM Flag

    New Point Settings Option Requested (Yahoo plz read!)

    I understand what you are saying in terms of helping the team; however, I am not sure from a technology perspective how the system could determine that this kick off would have resulted in a touch back verses being downed at the 5. I have seen several kick offs this year where the returner was able to start somewhere between the 10 and the goal (not to mention the squib kicks used to avoid specific returners). If they let the ball go, there could be a chance that it would be downed. Under your setup, the first 10 yards of a kick off caught at the 10 would not count, yet every one of those yards could be helping his team.

    What about those few times where a returner takes the kickoff a few yards in and sees the opening and taking it back for a large gain - should they be penalized?

    I'm not sure from a technology standings how you could manage this; however, in a custom league you could aways have a league rule where the commish would manually adjust points based on some criteria set by the league. You could also set no points for return yards therefore it wouldn't matter and only true defensive actions provide defense team's points.

    • I guess the point is that Kickoff returners are expected to get to the 20 at any level. Anything less is actually not really a positive thing in anyone's eyes. Even in the rare instance under the new kickoff rules where downing a ball in the end zone isn't possible, the rule would still make sense. A kickoff returner that reaches the 15 from a kickoff that only reaches the 10 is a disappointment and shouldn't get any points. The 20 yard line in kickoff returns is kinda the magic line where a coach determines if the return man has been effective.

      That being said, I agree it may be a challenge from a tech perspective.


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