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  • RyanB RyanB Nov 18, 2012 4:23 PM Flag

    Calvin Johnson fumble??? It was a lateral!

    Dispute in our league over the call...what do you guys think? He laterals the ball with no time left, how can you rule that a fumble??

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    • What does no time left have to do with anything? He lateralled it to a Packer... yes thats a fumble

    • I haven't seen the play, did he lateral it and it wasn't caught? If so then that would be treated as a fumble, like a muffed hand off. But regardless Yahoo uses official NFL scoring and if incorrect would be changed via stat corrections.

      From Yahoo -
      All official player scoring, live data corrections, and league standings are normally updated by 8:00am PT the morning after the game(s).

      Select on the Stat Corrections link from the "Players" page to view the listing of stat corrections that are pending or have been completed. In Head-to-Head leagues, corrections will be processed only if they apply to the most recently completed matchups.

      Please consider the following when reviewing scoring in your league:

      Your league settings page displays all scoring categories selected in your league along with the corresponding point value for each. To view your league settings, please visit your league overview page and select the Scoring & Settings link.
      Take note of negative scoring categories such as interceptions, fumbles lost, or missed field goals (FGM).
      Players receive credit for stats in all categories regardless of position, so a wide receiver might be credited with a tackle (from a special teams play or turnover).
      The commissioner of a Private League might adjust the modifier associated with any scoring category if a mistake has been made. These changes are applied retroactively to completed matchups automatically the next time scoring is updated in your league."

      For more info go to Yahoo help (right side of league pages) and do a search on stat corrections.

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      • Good ? - I did see the play.
        For the 1st time in my life, I went to the NFL rule book. I have a new respect for those Replacement Referees! That book is longer than the Bible!
        Best I can tell, is that is was not a fumble. It was a “backwards pass”. I got “de-credited” for a fumble in a league where I have Mr. Johnson that includes that as a scoring rule. Will just have to see if the NFL changes that decision. Hope it did not cause you to lose.


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