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  • Shake Shake Nov 15, 2012 2:02 PM Flag

    Owner dropping MJD?

    Just had a trade go through today, with an owner that's 2-8 and one that's 5-5 of Owen Daniels and Crabtree (to the 2-8 team) for Mike Williams (to the 5-5 team) and because it's a 2 for 1 the 2-8 team has to drop someone, and they decided to drop MJD. I never like to try and manage someone else's team but I'm trying to decide, why exactly they chose to drop MJD over dropping their second defense (GB or DET) or Garcon. It could be that they're tired of waiting on MJD to come back from injury, who knows when that's gonna be? Or it could be that they don't really care that much due to being 2-8.

    I'd like to think it's the injury thing, but if it's not I'd prefer that someone isn't up a stud rb that they may be able to coast to the championship with for nothing essentially. Especially this late in the season, is when you have to decide when people dropping good players is for reasons like an injury that's lingering, or whether they're trying to just cause chaos and help someone else out, just wondering what I should do or not do about that?

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    • if he drops him just pick him up thats what i would do

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      • He goes to waivers after being dropped, what I'm saying is...I'd prefer that this not give someone else the golden ticket to the championship by basically getting MJD by dropping their worst player for him...that is if MJD was dropped because the owner doesn't care because he can't make the playoffs...not sure if that's the case or not.

        Stuff like this is what's confusing because it could be nothing, dropping an injured player or it could be someone not caring, trying to have an influence on who wins thing, and that should not be allowed.


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