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  • Jason Jason Nov 15, 2012 1:14 PM Flag

    Yahoo trade review pay service

    Last year our league had a problem with the trade veto system. It didn't matter if a trade was legit or not is was being veto'ed no matter the circumstances. Everyone knows each other and it just turned into every trade being shot down just to mess with each other. This year I bought the Yahoo trade review option for $15 to solve this problem. There has only been two trades proposed and both have passed using Yahoo trade review option. The only problem I'm having is the league is wondering if Yahoo is paying attention because you get no explanation why a trade passes. My question for other leagues is what is your experience with Yahoo trade review and have you ever seen a trade rejected using this service. There is probably not a lot of leagues that use this service just trying to figure out if I wasted $15.

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    • We have it but didnt have to pay anything for it.

    • This is our first year paying for the Trade Review. I think we wasted $15. During the first 8 weeks, any trades that was protested got vetoed by Yahoo! These are trades that were postponed due to the review. We didn't get any explanation why, but it was just vetoed. All the trades look fine to me as a commissioner. I don't know how Yahoo evaluate these trades.

      Recently, we had some fishy trades in the league. They were protested and got to Yahoo Trade Review, but they all went through. I was for sure that they will be vetoed because the trades were lopsided compared to some previous vetoed trades. It's frustrating. I will never use it again.

    • Never heard of it... Of course you wasted $15


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