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  • Evil Chemist Evil Chemist Nov 14, 2012 11:12 AM Flag

    Keeper League IR Question

    I'm in a 1st year keeper league with 2 IR bench spots. We will be keeping 10 players.
    I currently have Jacoby Ford and Austin Collie in my IR spots.
    When the season comes to an end, do I need to drop 2 players from my roster and move the IR guys to the bench rather than "IR"?
    Does anyone know how this works? Come next season, they won't be on IR and my roster will have 2 extra players if I don't. Will the system automatically drop 2 guys from my roster if I leave them on IR?
    Its a very deep league, and yes... I may choose one or both of these guys as 1 of my keepers

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    • I'm not 100% sure, but I do believe players on IR will show up as being on your roster the following year when the commissioner activates the league. Your best option would be to consult your commissioner as to the bylaws of the league and how they pertain to keepers.

      I know in my leagues, I allow teams to place players on IR regardless of their real life status (they can drop the player into the freeagent market, but no other team is allowed to pick them up and they can not be activated for the remainder of the year). When this is done, I make a post on the league message board so the following year, I know which players belong on which teams rosters.


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