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  • RyanB RyanB Nov 13, 2012 12:28 AM Flag

    Server Outage

    So is Yahoo going to come up with a fix for their mistake? I don't want to start letting anyone who asks in my league just "adjust" their roster because they want more points or a win. Has anyone come up with a fair solution?

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    • This more just a reply to the entire thread/millions of threads complaining and whining, not you necessarily.

      Everyone that keeps talking about Hernandez being out, it was announced on Saturday that he wouldn't play. That gives a full day before the servers go down to do something about it, not wait until Sunday and figure out what you already could have known the day before. Any other players, like Harvin, DMC (high ankle sprains, not likely to play on that injury), Owen Daniels seemed unlikely to play as well by reading team reports.

      I know it sucks not having the ability to change your line ups and what not, but anyone complaining about these players should have known the majority wouldnt play due to the injury they had and the reports about them, if people actually took the time to research instead of waiting till 12:56 on Sunday.

      Anyone complaining about having bye week guys in their lineup, that's just SOL to me...you knew they were on a bye week all week, had what, 5 days to make a change? Yet you left them there knowing full well they wouldn't play. What would you have said had you had a power outage at your house, overslept, gone somewhere and couldnt get back until after the game started? Should you be allowed to change your lineup then? No.

      This should just wake everyone up to the fact that maybe they should plan for a possible situation that they cant make a change to their lineup, due to whatever reason. Perhaps have a backup plan that will play in case of an injured player (game time decision) and then if you can get on sunday put the player back in your lineup if it's deemed he's active. Stop procrastinating, set your lineup early and you wont have to worry about it...and can we please stop the whining?

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      • My issue was the McFadden was out and everyone was saying T. Jones was going to start. So I picked up Jones and Reece just in case. So about 15 min prior to kick off they anounced Reece is starting and I was screwed. In my league jones got 4.3 pts to Reece's 32.5 pts. I went from 2nd place down to 5th place. Now I ask you is that fair.....NO!!!! Especially in a money league.

      • I agree, my lineup was set and I won. But I only won by .44 pts and my opponent didn't take Hernandez out so he is #$%$...and he was trying to for about 2 hours before gametime. Which I can see is pretty screwed up. 99% of players do make gametime decisions, gut feelings make you start danny woodhead over victor cruz (I'm just gloating on that one haha).

        3 guys were actually trying to add players like pitta and DHB and couldnt, I saw it happening. So I really think Yahoo dropped the ball and should fix it. If I was trying to add a player who I thought would perform and lost because of that fact? I'd be #$%$ off.

    • Most recent statement:

      "We apologize sincerely for the outage on Sunday. We are working on the fix—the site is stabilized—and will update everyone on next steps for how to handle week 10".

    • matchups should not count for this week.or use everyones optimum lineup.no one should get a loss because the server was down.


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