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  • Molly M Molly M Nov 12, 2012 3:04 PM Flag

    Anybody changing rosters due to crash?

    We have a dilemma: the server crash affected a matchup that has now become a 1 pt game, with both teams having a player tonight. We are all honest and want to do the fair thing, so should we adjust the rosters to reflect the changes the managers were trying to make when the server crashed, or just take our lumps and say #$%$ happens?" It will affect scores, standings, and possibly playoffs. What do you guys think?

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    • In my opinion the only way you change anything is if you received a message from these owners BEFORE game time, stating which changes they wanted to be made. Other than that, you need to let it ride. It sucks, but there's no way of knowing whether someone is being completely honest or just looking at their bench and seeing that someone had more points and wanting to get over.

      Changing things only really hurts the person who won, you screwing them over just like the people who were supposedly screwed over by not being able to make changes, how does that help anything? Just compounds the problem even more.

    • IT's too hard to figure out what the owners were trying to do... Maybe you can place a player for someone on bye. Or put someone in for someone who was ruled inactive right before the game. These could be the only things to do... Even these things could be tricky if there are more than one option.

      Better to leave things as is...

    • No because how do you know someone isnt gonna say that someone on their bench who did well wouldve been in their roster. You cannot do this. I know you think everyone is honest, but I think you leave things as they are. Unless Yahoo tells Commissioners to do something, then I would leave it alone. Crap happens, it is what it is.

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      • Did these managers contact you early on to tell you that they couldn't make the changes? Did this involve players that were game time decisions? It's a close match up and I lean towards letting it ride but wonder how much these potential moves would have mattered in the overall matchup. Have you checked the optimal line up in Stattracker to see what the effect would be? Also think by making this change what this may may open up for you in the future.


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