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  • Max Max Nov 12, 2012 1:47 PM Flag

    Should I veto this trade?

    Team A receives:

    Steven Ridley
    Larry Fitzgerald

    Team B receives:

    Drew Brees
    Jeremy Kerley
    Maurice Jones-Drew

    Team A will have Luck starting at QB now and could use the help at WR and RB. Team B has Vick and needs a QB. Even needing help at WR and RB, I don't think team A is getting enough in return. Andrew Luck is good but he won't come near the weekly production of Brees. And once MJD comes back, Team B is essentially getting two first rounders just in time for playoffs (which he should be able to make). To me it seems obvious, but is it fair to veto to this trade?

    BTW, Team A is a fantasy rookie.

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    • What's next? Would you like to start vetoing draft picks, especially for new players in your league, when you don't feel they are making the right pick or "getting enough" for their draft order slot?

      I'm also commish and it's not your job to manage other players teams or decide what is best for their team. It's only to ensure there is no collusion or cheating. To Yoons point, every trade can seem lopsided or unwise by subjective opinion to certain degree (just as a draft pick may not seem wise or smart to certain people). Every trade I've ever seen I have my own opinion to one side or the other ......there's always a side that I think is making a stupid trade. BUT THAT'S NOT FOR ME TO DECIDE. This one is not bad by any means and you said yourself that you've rejected everyone of his trades because "he's inexperienced" and you don't think any of them are fair.

      The only options I see for you as commish are to put a ban on trades (cause they are a waste of effort in your league) OR better yet .........quit as commish, cause you really don't have a clue what you're supposed to be doing.

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      • Well it seems like the smartest thing for me to do is just ask you to commish my league. Sounds like you know what you're doing.

        And FYI, quite a few trades have been completed in my league. Most have been fair. At least two I considered terrible. But both times each manager said they wanted to do it. So I said suit yourself. Why bother making assumptions when you have no idea what you're talking about?

        Anybody else wanna give their two cents for the sake of my entertainment?

    • If you veto a trade, you are basically saying one of the owners can't think for themselves. If this is the case, they should be removed from the league. He could have gotten alot more for Brees, but this is not veto worthy - nor are most trades.

    • You answered your own question if you can see what each person is looking to get in a trade. I havn;t heard a thing about MJD, when and if he is returning.
      The idea of vetoing a trade should be based on possible collusion, dumping players, etc. and not because you think someone is making a foolish choice. Dont get involved where you don't need to

    • Luck has been a good QB and has put up alot of points so if trading Brees will help out needs for his team then that is his choice and not one you should be making. Basically you are taking advantage of your commish power. Ridley has been a great RB this year and is 6th in the league in rushing with 6 td's and Fitz who hasn't had the best year but has still put up good numbers. Luck isn't really that far off from fantasy points as Brees so the trade could help him out. Plus with MJD being hurt he hasn't been getting anything from him. To me it sounds like you are vetoing this trade for your own personal reasons and not for the good of the league. Your probably just #$%$ you didn't think of it first. I think you need to give up some of your rights as commish and let the league vote on this one

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      • With a name like the champ is here, I was looking forward to a respectable response that I would take into consideration. Boy was I wrong.

        Maybe you should read the rest of the posts regarding this topic before you come in here and make accusations like the tough guy you think you are.

        I've already stated that this manager has offered me a number of trades that I know would be unfair. Since this is his first year and he's inexperienced, which I also already stated as my driving force behind my decision, I declined his trade offers. So your point about me abusing my power and trying to help myself out exemplifies your ignorance.

        Your name is cleary an ironic joke.

    • No, DO NOT VETO. Its not that bad, allow teams to address needs and play without worrying if things are going to get vetoed or not. Drew Brees for TO...sure. Not this though. Allow teams to manage.

    • No this trade is not veto worthy...
      IT does not matter if you think it is fair or not... Everyone thinks differently...
      YOu can't just veto because you think it is fair or not.
      If that's the case, almost all trades can be vetoed based on fairness because all trades are not fair to certain degree...
      Veto the trades that shows collusion... This does not show collusion.
      Of course Team A could have gotten more for Brees but he probably needs Ridley for next couple weeks while MJD might not come back.
      ALso, he wants to play LUCK and wanted to trade away Brees...

      DONT VETO.

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      • Thanks for the reply, but I disagree with a lot of this. As a commissioner, I feel it's my duty to veto trades that I believe are not fair. By doing this, I protect the league from any one manager gaining an advantage from an ill advised trade. If this is an unfair trade, which I think it is, then the only fair thing to do is veto it. And to suggest that all trades, to a certain degree, are unfair is silly. In the leagues I play, the vast majority of trades are fair. I know it comes down to the perspective of the manager, but sometimes they don't know what's best. And like I said, this manager is a fantasy rookie and doesn't quite know the value of Brees. I won't let the rest of the managers in the league suffer for the naivety of this manager.

        So while the manager may get help from Fitzgerald and Ridley, the loss of Brees is too great making his team worse off.

    • I wouldnt take anything less than a heathly #1 RB or WR for Brees, but Luck is near the top far as fantasy points go. I dont think Fitz or Rid are close to being enough for Brees. I would veto the trade.


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