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  • Max Max Nov 12, 2012 10:07 PM Flag

    Should I veto this trade?

    With a name like the champ is here, I was looking forward to a respectable response that I would take into consideration. Boy was I wrong.

    Maybe you should read the rest of the posts regarding this topic before you come in here and make accusations like the tough guy you think you are.

    I've already stated that this manager has offered me a number of trades that I know would be unfair. Since this is his first year and he's inexperienced, which I also already stated as my driving force behind my decision, I declined his trade offers. So your point about me abusing my power and trying to help myself out exemplifies your ignorance.

    Your name is cleary an ironic joke.

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    • Max, maybe YOU should read the rest of the posts. You started this thread asking if you should veto this trade. So far I've read exactly 1 post saying you should, and that was based on their opinion as to the value of Bree's. But they also qualified that with the statement: "But ive never been a commish in a league. So i might not being lookin at it the right way."

      Other than that 1 post, every other post has said you shouldn't veto the trade. Why start the thread asking for opinions if you are not going to listen to the vast majority of the response? If you're not going to let the owners manage their teams, you should not be commissioner. And as far as protecting the integrity of the league, that's nothing more then a cop-out on your part. My feeling is that you don't want to let the trade go through because you feel Team B will now have a stronger team for the playoffs. That is not a reason to veto the trade.

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      • Eulogys, maybe I DID read all the posts. I have considered much of what everyone has said. My main point throughout this whole thread has been the inexperience of the manager in question. I don't think people are realizing how much of an impact this fact has on my decision. The only mistake I may have made as a commissioner was allowing this manager to join the league.

        As far as me protecting the integrity of my league, well that's why I started this thread. The fact that I have been in contact with the other managers regarding this trade is also a testament to that. So it seems starting this thread was a waste of time because after speaking with the people whose opinions matter the greatest (the other managers), I am relieved to know most of them agree with me.

        In other words, most of what was said in this thread was hogwash.

      • Team A definitely gets worse and Team B gets better but far from the best. That is not the issue at all. Now that I have proven my democratic ways, you turn your attacks towards the the other managers in the league. So how should the voting be handled? Clearly everything I have tried has been wrong.

        And yes the manager of Team A is inexperienced. Like I said earlier, he offered me laughable trades that I had the decency to decline.

    • Wasn't trying to act like a tough guy at all. You are just obviously abusing your power. The trade isn't as unfair as your making it look. He has Luck as a backup so trading Brees is a good idea because he could get more for him then he could for Luck. Sure he probably could get more but why not do the deal. with MJD hurt he hasn't done anything for his team for weeks so why not trade for a healthy rb in Ridley who is having a really good year and can bring him in points now instead of sitting with MJD on his bench doing absolutely nothing. I commish alot off leagues and I would never handle a trade the way you are. If you are going to keep it set to commish vote then maybe post the trade up on the message board and see what everyone thinks. You can;t just run the league like your Hitler and make all the decisions. Especially in a money league it shouldn't be you who makes all the sole decisions.

      I'm obviously not the only one who is thinking what your doing is wrong after reading the rest of the comments. If you ever need any help on how to be a commish feel free to ask because I have been doing it for a while lol

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      • Well now I'm Hitler. Continue to read the rest of the posts because your somehow still uninformed. I already stated that I always discuss vetoes with other managers. I'm close with all the managers and I have never made a decision without their input. I have commished plenty of leagues and I know this is the easiest way. Advice regarding this is unnecessary. So thanks for the offer, but I will not need anymore help from you due to your severe lack of understanding of simple topics.

        Now I'm just trying to figure out if you're still being a tough guy or actually just stupid. Probably both.

    • I never veto unless clear collusion, which this is not IMO. Team A has done a good job as owner by drafting Luck, which makes Bree's expendable to him since he needs rb help. Trade essentially is Bree's for ridley and fitz


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