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  • Yvonne Yvonne Nov 12, 2012 2:00 PM Flag

    Should I veto this trade?

    I wouldnt take anything less than a heathly #1 RB or WR for Brees, but Luck is near the top far as fantasy points go. I dont think Fitz or Rid are close to being enough for Brees. I would veto the trade.

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    • Exactly how I feel, plus MJD when he's healthy. Thanks.

      Anyone else?

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      • The fact that this message board is so divided on whether this trade is fair or not means that it should go thru. Like you said, the guy giving up Brees is a rookie and probably doesnt have a great team. If he is week on starting RB's and WR's, and has an extremely capable backup like Luck this trade is extremely fair. The difference between Brees and Luck on any given week is probably 6-8 fantasy points, which is far less than the difference between starting 2 sure things like Fitz and RIdley over some WR3 or backup RB. You clearly are looking at this trade only for your sake. If a team in 7th place is desperately trying to make the playoffs, he does not care about MJD who may never be healthy this year. I would make that trade from either side, depending on what position I was in. If I payed money and you vetoed this trade, I would make sure you gave me back my money and quit the league.

      • But ive never been a commish in a league. So i might not being lookin at it the right way.

      • I am a commish and I only veto deals when there is collusion...not because I think a trade is fair...in one of my leagues P.Manning was traded for Calvin Johnson, D.Bowe, and Tony Romo...I thought it was crazy, but I know the two owners and there was on collusion...don't veto the deal just because you don't like the deal...as long as both owners are trying to win...it should be upheld.


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