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  • Dylan R Dylan R Nov 12, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

    Need Mediation

    I have a problem that needs resolving in my fantasy football league. As you may know the server went down for fantasy football yahoo one hour before the games started on Sunday. One team owner called me thinking his was messed up and asked if he could sub in his backup tight end because he learned Aaron Hernandez (his starting TE) was a no go, I told him I would try but I couldnt even get on....I told him that I would make a correction when it let me. His backup Brandon Myers turned out ot be the decision in his matchup for the week. The other team owner he was playing is upset now saying he tried to do the same thing with his TE( owen Daniels) but it didnt work so he just assumed everyone had the problem and didnt worry about it. I did not receieve a phone call or text or any communication from him.

    What Should I Do.

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    • this is such a headache... been going back in forth with them all day

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      • DO you have a rule in your league that allows you to make the changes to the lineup?
        IF so, then the sub in the first guy's TE but not the second.
        If you don't have a rule, you can't make any changes.

        SImple as that... Just follow your league rules and not make exceptions.
        Otherwise you will have problems..

    • Honestly, I think you just let it ride. It sucks but its not something you did and is just an unfortunate situation. With that said, I did hear an idea a bit earlier that would be up to commissioners...and have every matchup that week be a tie but then people get bent out of shape who needed that win or the points scored for standings. I honestly think you just leave it and whatever YAHOO decides, that what you go with. It sucks but things happen and I guess just have your lineup set before 12 pm EST and be prepared. I dunno.

    • If he communicated with you and asked you to sub prior to the game starting, then yes, you should sub that player in.


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