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  • BIG E BIG E Nov 12, 2012 12:55 PM Flag

    Yahoo should just not count week 10 in all leagues

    I think with all the bull sh*^ that happen on Sunday with the site and apps, the best thing Yahoo could do is not count week 10 in ALL YAHOO FOOTBALL leagues!!! Just count it as NC or tie. If some leagues end week 13 then end it week 14 and start playoffs week 15-17 or just start it week 14.

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    • Don't care how they handle it. I'm one of those idiots that didn't know that my bye week fill-in WR was going to be inactive due to violating team rules. I finished my lineups prior to 12:00, but didn't hear about the decision until 4pm.

      I spent 10-15 minutes trying to drop and add another player, or at least bench my player and pick up somebody that played later and hope for something more than a big 0.

      Strangely the system was "fixed" at 4:26.....1 minute after the game kicked off.

      The player I was going to pick up was good for 13 pts....that's slightly better than the 0 that I received. Won't know until tonight if it makes a difference or not.

      One thing is for sure - I won't get back the 15 minutes I spent cussing at my computers (laptop and 2 desktops) that wouldn't load the pages! I guess it's a good thing I'm relatively healthy or I probably would of had a heart attack! :)

    • Won't happen. I was on Yahoo starting around 11 am Sunday morning. I had no problems until about 12:30 pm. I had my line ups set before Sunday anyway. I was also able to go in and replace Hernandez when he was ruled out. I agree with Yoon..people had all week to make changes. 30 minutes of lost time shouldn't mean the week should be erased. I am in 3 leagues and there were no games affected by this. Should we have to scrap the whole week? Hell no.

      This will serve a lesson to managers. Don't wait till the last damn second to pull your bye week and injured players out.

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      • I can understand the different POV on this and like all things some people got screwed while others didn't. But I saw an interesting post from a commish yesterday who early in the day was thinking about making all the matchups in his league as ties. Later in the day he checked the optimal line up for each matchup to see how the missed moves would have affected the overall outcome, not one would have changed. So I wonder what percentage this 30 minutes truly affects?

      • EXACTLY!!!!! Have your lineup set before the Thursday Night Game. The only people who can complain are the people who watched a "game-time decision" turn into "out." 99% of the changes people are crying about could have been made anytime during the week. I always set my lineup in advance based on the byes and then wednesday evening start analyzing matchups/injury possibilities, the only player I have heard people really getting upset over is Hernandez. Get over it, move on, set your lineup in advance

      • i was fortunate and had my lineups set in all leagues but i still think that this week shouldnt count.. reason being is yea some poeople arent die hard fantasy players like most of us and dont keep tabs on it every single day.. therefore those certain people just got screwed. What about the people who was working and couldnt get time to alter their lineups til noon sunday.. i can c everyones points bout it still counting it but ultimately i dnt think it should

    • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, poor baby, maybe you should have won more game earlier in the season..


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