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  • Don Don Nov 13, 2012 4:23 AM Flag

    Who got JIPPED today cause of Yahoo Fantasy Maintenace

    I agree its bull, i think they should just wipe out week 10. People want to say you should set your line up early, but thats not fair cuz alot of times you get a feeling on a player and you want to start him and take another guy out, as was in my case i wasnt able cuz of outage if i could have i would have won. People work crazy hours too and dont get a chance to set their line ups, but most people get Sunday off and set their line ups before the deadline. Which is our fantasy players right. i say to the commissioners office dont give a win or lost to teams for week 10 but give the points, its not the fantasy players fault, so i dont think its fair to give a win or a lost to anybody.

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    • ""Which is our fantasy players right"" What? Create your own fantasy website....Yahoo offers you a free service and you get dumb............

      Get with the real world and get a android or iphone,,,,you can change your lineup while you take #$%$....

      What do you have dial up?? Get with it.............................LOSER

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      • You must be the one thats the loser,a-- hole-the outage made it impossible to even use an android or iphone. By the way i never said anything bad i was just standing up for fantasy player around the league, cuz we do have the right to make changes til noon right before game time. So before you go calling people losers maybe you need to learn how to read and comprehend what your reading. Maybe your mommy can read it to you cuz if you were an adult you wouldnt be acting such a fool. So before you call anybody else Loser look in the mirror first. Anywho good luck on the rest of your season. P.S. you must have won week 10.


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