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  • Kr99 Kr99 Nov 9, 2012 8:03 AM Flag

    Commissioner under Hurricane stress

    My commissioner is under unusual stress from the hurricane. He has no power, is working off his smartphone as well as salvaging his parents home from the hurricane Sandy.
    In this process, I mistakenly posted two trade offers. The mistake was that I believed I could get a final say in the trades. I didnt and in the process I lost Peyton Manning and Flacco at the same time, leaving me with Fitzgerald and Sidney Rice and ben jarvis green respectively. My intention was to generate attention to my needs for wr/te, not to loss both my top qbs.
    The Flacco trade was traded back by our 7th place team which has no bearing on his standings. His shot is over. The Peyton trade was taken by a member in the hunt for the title and passed by the commissioner (who again is without power).

    Do you think our league should start our transactions over for my sake due to an honest mistake, which is based on hurricane sandy, death of a friends brother and other outstanding circumstances that may have caused an honest mistake ?

    Serious replies only. There is more than money at stake. I have stated Im was leaving the league but want to do the right thing here for myself and my job and my coworkers/fantasy members.

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    • As a New Yorker I have no remorse for your idiocy. If you don't want to trade both at once you cannot offer them both in separate trades. Your stupidity is not your commissioners problem, it is yours.

    • Ha ha...soooooo...lemme get this right...you offered up trades, had them accepted and processed...and now you think they should be overturned because your commissioner has other things going on? There is no logic in this. How do you mistakenly offer a trade? Did you fall on your keyboard and hit "Propose Trade?" Sound to me like you didn't know the rules. Not knowing the rules is no reason to overturn anything...they are there for you to read.

    • im going to start by saying sorry about your circumstances. but im going to have to say this should go through as it already has. there isnt a single thing you could say to me to make me change that. ive never seen a single fantasy site that allows you to offer a trade, then have the final say on accepting it or declining it. if you wanted people to know that you needed a wr/te then you update your trading block. none of which even includes proposing a trade to another manager. thats 100% your fault and should stand

    • Dude, I'd say let this one go. Your commissioner has more to worry about than your stupidity

    • I can't believe you're blaming your mistake on a hurricane. Sorry... but this makes me LOL

    • OK first YOU were sleep deprived due to the Hurricane and made a bad trade. Now you want to blame the Commish? Your Commish appears to be doing what he has to in an emergency, not worrying about his #$%$ Fantasy Football team.. Get a grip. Adjust your priorities and stop your crying about Fuggin Fantasy Football. jmo

    • Your circumstances suck but it is up to each manager to know how their activity in the league works. There are multiple help articles that would have indicated how the trade process works. If you wanted to show a need for the WR/TE positions, you should have utilized the "trade block" that stats what you need.

      The commissioner should not reverse every trade mistake because of a manager having personal problems. Fantasy trades would be the last thing on my mind if I was dealing with too much in my life. As the league is with coworkers, I would assume that they have also been affected by Sandy yet they have not complained. Own up to your mistake without excuses and keep playing. A lot of late season and playoff runs are made by FA choices.

      Lastly, good luck dealing with real life as that is what matters.


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