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  • Derek Derek Nov 5, 2012 8:51 AM Flag

    Too Many Trades. Need help on all 4!

    Ok so this is my first year as a commish and I'm in a league of friends. I think a couple of my guys are trying to group together and I would appreciate some input. These 4 trades are all between 3 guys:

    Trade 1
    Player A gets M. Floyd (San Diego)
    Player B gets D. McFadden (Oakland)

    Trade 2
    Player A gets B. Hartline (Miami)
    Player B gets E. Decker (Denver)

    Trade 3
    Player A gets J. Rodgers (Atlanta) and T. Smith (Baltimore)
    Player C gets T. Richardson (Cleveland)

    Trade 4
    Player B gets A. Brown (Pittsburgh)
    Player C gets R. Wayne (Ind)

    Player A's record 2-6 about to be 2-7
    Player #$%$ record 4-4 about to be 5-4
    Player C's record 4-4 about to be 4-5

    All help is appreciated

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