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  • Dan Dan Nov 4, 2012 11:20 PM Flag

    Help: Tracking SHADY "Commish Changes" mid-game

    Do any league commissioners out there know how to track the timing/details of a "Commish Change" that shows up at the bottom of a league home page in the "Recent Updates" section?

    Our league has a series of lines that read like this: "Daniel (The Brew Crew) Lineup changed for team Brokeback Cowboys for week 9."

    Some of the league members have noticed their opponents' lineups have mysteriously had players change in the middle of games. Clearly, they suspect the commish or someone is manually altering lineups during the NFL action.

    Our commish insists he is not involved in any shady moves. But I am wondering, is there a way to go in and track the mid-game roster moves, such as what the moves were, the exact time of the switch, etc? If we can track that, we can see if something fishy truly is going on.

    I currently can't find a way to get details. It just shows the "lineup changed" line like the example above. Is there a Yahoo fantasy league administrator who can help us investigate?


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    • Yuup! I played around with my Tool. Uhm I mean Commish Tools and it leaves a note with the: Commish Team Name and then the Team name and says a roster change has been made. No details. THAT is enough proof. As Igo says it will only happen after the player has played or the game has started. It also has a time table how long ago the change too place.
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    • Yesterday I tried adding and dropping players from my team before the game. It showed up as a (c9) move, Commish week 9. However, no record showed up. So I changed a lineup pre-game. NO Record anywhere. If you are getting a message then he is changing them. I haven't tried to change lineups during the game but I guess I will try just to see.

    • The only way a lineup changed message appears in the transaction roster is if it is performed on a player currently playing or has played. As John has noted, I also have changed a lineup for absent managers prior to the start with no record showing to the general league.

      The best way to capture the changes are screen shots prior to games as these changes do no show any detail. It might be tedious but you will surely see what is being done if you have a screenshot of each team with a date/time for each screen shot. Then you can go back to determine what was changes and have evidence for accusations.


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