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  • Dylan Dylan Nov 3, 2012 4:01 PM Flag

    When will this trade go through?

    I'm just trying to figure out exactly when my trade that was accepted will go through. It was accepted Thursday at like 1130 and we have a two day waiting period anyone know?

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    • I also would like to know how this turned out for you?... can you let us know?

      There's another area of confusion that Yahoo needs to fix... when viewing a trade offer on thursday, the message may say

      "Note: This trade will processed on Sunday, and reflected on Week 10 lineups."

      BUT, when you go to evaluate trade, and check the week-by-week projections, you notice it says "even, even" for points in week 10.....

      The Evaluate Trade details and the message on the main trade page conflict each other...

      Does anyone have definitive answers to these:

      1. If a trade is accepted on Thursday (with standard 2-day settings), will the players always be available for Sunday morning games?

      2. Does it matter what time on Thursday the trade is accepted? 12:05am vs. 11:45pm?

      3. Can Yahoo to fix the conflicting messages from the main trade page, and the evaluate trade weekly data?

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      • I f a trade is accepted Thursday, as long as nobody involved in the trade is in the "starting" lineup on Thursday's game... the trade will process and the players will be available for Sunday.
        If a player involved IS in the "starting" lineup for Thursday's game, the trade will not process until the following week

    • Another one that I would like to know how it turned out. Would appreciate your returning and letting us know if he is playable this week.

    • It was accepted Thursday. That means Friday and Saturday must pass. You will get them early Sunday.

    • It is Full days. The day it is accepted doesn't count. So your 2 day is actually a 3 day and then it runs into waivers. You should have him Sunday Morning. Providing you don't have a First Game waiver you should be able to use him.

    • If you click on the details link of the trade, it should tell you what date the trade will be processed and what week # the trade will be reflected on.


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