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    last week i was on the road sunday morning and realized i had a player in my starting lineup who was ruled out just before game time. i called the commish and asked if he could change my roster for me as i was unable to do it before gametime. my opponent had a problem with this and said it was cheating.

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    • If it was before Gametime as the Commish if someone contacted me and said they couldn't change the lineup I would post a message with the time and reason on the message board and as long as it was posted before gametime I don't see anyone complaining.
      If it was too late for you to change your it on your own (5 minutes before gametime or whatever, when the squares turn wgite) then no. Who were the player(s) in question. I mean they just don't not play at the last minute.

    • It's not cheating but you would be setting a precedent where this could happen again. And next time, it could happen even after the player started playing... For example your opponent can call the commish after the game started and one of his players scores and asks him to switch... Since you can't verify when the call was made, this can be done by the commish...

      Next time when a players is iffy, put the for sure players during the week and change to the iffy player on Sat or Sun after checking their status... this way you will always have someone playing (albeit it could be the worse player)... but better than having a 0...

      Lesson learned...


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