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  • SteelYerFace SteelYerFace Nov 2, 2012 11:22 AM Flag

    Thursday/Sunday Trade Question... need feedback ASAP!

    So one of my managers came to me with a question regarding an accepted trade involving the following players:

    Alfred Morris (Was - RB)
    Wes Welker (NE - WR)
    Percy Harvin (Min - WR)
    Jamaal Charles(KC - RB)

    This trade was proposed on Monday, 10/29, and accepted on Thursday, 11/1, after the Chiefs/Chargers game was completed. Based on our league's trade rules it is subjected to a 2 day waiting period and league approval, meaning that unless 1/3 of the league votes against the trade, players will swap rosters by Sunday morning and be available to be inserted into lineups for Sunday/Monday.

    The issue is that J.Charles was in the accepting team's lineup for the Thursday game and based on the waiver rules the they would also be able to play A.Morris on Sunday. Does this mean this manager should be able to use both players because of the timing of the trade? Or do J.Charles week 9 results transfer to the team that proposed the trade? Should the proposing team be able to insert J.Charles into their lineup given the fact that his points are a known entity?

    I have some thoughts on what would be a fair resolution to this trade dilemma, but was looking for other Commissioners input on how they would handle this situation if it were their league.

    It's a sticky wicket... all opinions are welcomed.

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