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  • John D John D Nov 2, 2012 3:31 PM Flag

    Thursday/Sunday Trade Question... need feedback ASAP!

    I would let the trade 'mature' and see where the chips fall. Someone will tell me I am wrong but the way it has always been is the player is yours until the trade and so are the points. And the player isn't yours until he is on your roster so you can't go back and claim the points. So Yes this person could play Charles and get the points and then play the player on Sunday (in a different slot of course)and get the points and the other is SOL.

    And if someone would enlighten me if I am wrong...how do you go back and put the player on your roser for Thursday? And can you decide after the game is played that you did or didn't want to play them on Thursday. How does that work?


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