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  • Aaron Aaron Nov 2, 2012 1:03 AM Flag

    Ray Rice+Andre Johnson for Ridley+Jimmy Graham+Mendenhal

    Fair enough. You're job with vetoing isn't to be judge, jury, and executioner. If it's not collusion let it go through.

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    • I thought so too. There was a protest on this trade which required Yahoo! Trade Review. Yahoo! vetoed this trade and so the two managers tried again with different packages, but still got VETOED. This is our first year using Yahoo! Trade Review. Anyone use it? What your thought on it? Thanks.

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      • My league has Yahoo! Trade Review also...

        Only one trade has been vetoed so far, it was Week 7: (Andre Johnson + Jacob Tamme) for (Martellus Bennett + Pierre Garcon)

        One trade I personally protested was denied by Yahoo! Trade Review... Week 8: (Steve Smith + Chris Johnson) for (Antonio Brown + Lesean McCoy)

        Right now I protested a trade and it's under review... I'm hoping it gets vetoed:
        (Ravens D + Kevin Kolb) for (Mike Williams + Carson Palmer)

        This time I tried using words like "collusion" and "stacking" in my description of protest... I hope that it works!