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  • Chuck Chuck Oct 29, 2012 10:50 AM Flag

    Keeper League help

    Our league is in year 11, but first year as a keeper league. We set it up so this years draft you lost the draft pick that your keeper was drafted in last year....or if he was acquired via FA you lost last round pick. It was voted on that the same rules apply this year, unless your keeper stays the same, in that case you lose the pick based on his performance (if he was one of the best in the league you lose first round pick).

    Now we are running into issues as teams who are out of the playoff chase are trying to trade their better players for draft picks next year. A great idea I think. But there is confusion as to what happens. If a good teams acquires a top player via trading a 2nd rd draft pick next year, then decides to use that traded player as their keeper. what pick should they forfeit?

    Can someone explain how trading draft picks in a keeper league works?

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    • The system should save what round the player was drafted in regardless of whose team he is on, so if you traded for a guy that was drafted in the 2nd round, and you used him as your keeper, you would lose the 2nd round draft pick

    • Those a rule subject to how your fellow managers want set up as they are different for every league. My advice is opinion only since my keeper league does not trade draft picks.

      My initial thought would be to always increase the draft pick to a more costly round. If someone trades away his 2nd round pick for a player taken in the 2nd round. They should have to give up a 1st round to keep the player, as they are already without a 2nd round pick to use.


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