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  • Ryan Ryan Oct 26, 2012 11:33 PM Flag

    Managing a Lost Team

    So, one of the teams in my league quit, and I'm currently searching for a replacement (but that's not what this post is about). In the meantime, the team will probably be unmanaged for week 8. How far should I go in setting his lineup for him? Do I plug in guys based on Yahoo projections, or based on my own rankings - or even at all? Also, is it fair to pick up a DEF from the free agent pool to replace his Baltimore bye week? I don't want to come off as hurting or helping this now-unowned team more than necessary. Opinions?

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    • "Interest in Management" Post wants to take over a team.

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      • In our leagues that been running several years we fill the lineup. It is in the bylaws and managers in the league like the rule, because we do not allow walkovers just because some guy quit managing his roster. Leaving team to lose ias not fair to toher teams that might've lost to this guy before he abandoned team. I have never had anyone in our leagues gripe about The League office filling positions.

        Now; How? We add players from bench and pick up off FA, any players necessary to complete roster. As a general rule we do not rob the waiver wire, or take the best DEf...in your case, until we know other teams had a chance to pick from FA. So just do it tonight after everyone else has had ample time to fill their needs. Good Luck

    • Check the posts or make one yourself for "Manager Needed". You will get half a dozen emails to insert for the team Owner by the end of the day. I don't do any changes, I let the new owners do that .


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