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  • SJC SJC Oct 25, 2012 12:23 PM Flag

    Changing rules mid season.

    Just need some opinions here. Our league just had a huge trade get vetoed. 4 people vetoed and 4 people did not. 4/4. (8 team league) The commish said he was overriding the veto and changing the rules to now the league cannot veto any trades only he can. And this trade is going to go through now. The commish is not part of the trade. Of course this trade is going to benefit someone sitting in 5th place who has a decent team and with this trade might make a push to win this league. Is this ok? Are we all at the mercy of the commish pretty much on this one? This is of course for money and now the ones who voted against it are upset and wondering why they were given the choice to veto but now it is being changed. Any opinions or insight on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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