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  • Tony Tony Oct 21, 2012 9:45 AM Flag

    Owner requesting trade reversal: please help

    Here is the trade that was accepted on Wednesday: I sent RG3, Miles Austin, and Mcgahee to team Kenny for Ray Rice and Cam Newton. On Saturday night (after the trade was already processed) I got a text saying Kenny never wanted to trade Ray Rice and he didn't know what happened. Kenny said ray rice never showed up.

    I am the commissioner which puts me in a possibly biased spot, as although I don't feel the trade was too lopsided, I think I got the better deal. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to handle this?? I plan on talking to Kenny today and seeing if he has any proof of Rice not showing up, but other than that is there anything I should do?

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    • I think it would have been more believable if he thought another RB was in place of Rice, but a prior response is more likely that he was told he should have kept Rice. The trade without Rice is horribly lopsided. RG3 Newton with a weekly starting WR and a RB2. That would be a vetoed trade in my eyes.

      There are too many time that you have to click for it to be unseen.

    • Sellers remorse. There are plenty of safeguards built into yahoo that you don't do thing ' accidentally'. All trades are final.

    • I honestly don't believe that Rice didn't show up on the deal at all. I make trades all the time and that has never happened. I think someone either got in his head that he shouldn't have traded Rice or he may even have left himself short at running back this week. He got McGahee in the deal but he is on a bye this week. I think you should make him come up with the proof that Rice wasn't showing up on the deal. He should have the email still that would say it. If he can't come up with the proof then the trade should stand


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