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  • James James Oct 9, 2012 11:41 AM Flag

    Yahoo team rankings

    Is there a way to adjust how Yahoo ranks teams in a 2 divisional league? 3 teams are tied in 1 division and it appears that yahoo is ranking them by "pts against" (lower to higher). I feel as commisioner that ties (in the standings) shoud be broken or ranked by "pts for" (higher to lower...more pts should equal a higher rank in the standings).

    Any ideas on how to adjust or change this.


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    • David
      my mistake I should have thought then typed Head to head should be 1st tie breaker. You are correct

    • David
      you say much and understand little. There would be no reason for TIEBREAKERS unless the H2H records were TIED Think then type

      after the div tie is broken the div record no longer matters and you move on to the 2nd tiebreaker TotalPoints

      There are 3 different options that can be used you need to check your league settings to find out which 1

    • Their teams are ranked by Div wins 1st The problem arises at the end of the year when the div opponets have not played each other 2x. Check " Regular Season Matchup Matrix" under edit schedule to see if div opponets are scheduled to play each other 2x. I dont believe you can edit tie breakers scenarios

      If two or more teams tie for the lead in a division, the following tiebreakers will be used to determine the division winner.
      1.Division winning percentage.
      2.Total fantasy points (season total).
      3.Fantasy points scored in last week's matchup.
      4.Fantasy points scored in the matchup two weeks prior.
      5.The comparison continues until the tie is broken or no more weeks remain to compare. At that time, a coin flip will settle the tie.

      • 3 Replies to mike
      • This is the stupidest tie breaker scenario i have ever seen, the number 1 tie breaker at any level of sports where there are divisions is head to head wins, then division... I will never use Yahoo again and to add the point adjustment is dumb, this is the 1st i have ever seen this, get the stats right the 1st time. I have used many other sites and have never seen stats change outcomes of fantasy games! NFL is current and accurate, Fanball is accurate, ESPN is accurate why yahoo is the only one who is not accurate is beyond me and I will not use this site again.

      • Thanks Mike. If that is the case though, why would a team with a 1-2 div. record be ranked 3rd while my div. rec is 2-1 and I am ranked 5th (the 4th ranked team is in the other division). Our overall wins and loses are the same at 3-2. In the long run though, it doesn't matter if we both get in the playoffs. It just seems wierd to be tied in our overall W/L and me have the better Div. record and be ranked 2 spots lower.

      • Would you be able to tell me how the rankings work then for overall seeding? I'm trying to find something on the site but can't. I too have a 10 team 2 division set up.


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