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  • Gibbs Gibbs Oct 3, 2012 11:02 AM Flag

    Waiver Priority

    There are different types of priority. It can be determined by standings (what you are talking about) but it can also be a rolling list. This means after the draft everyone is assigned their number by what pick they had. 1st pick of the draft gets the last priority, last pick would have #1 priority. As each team uses a waiver, they are moved to the back of the line. Anyone who DOES NOT use a waiver would move forward as anyone who DID use a waiver moves to the end one by one. This makes it more fair to someone who may be having a good season to have a fair shot at getting a popular waiver player. I am 4-0 in one league and have the #1 waiver myself. I have not used a waiver at all this year. I'm saving it for something BIG...like a major injury that makes a FA a starter for the season. This is likely how your waiver are determined. Go to "League", "Scoring and Settings" then look in the first section for "Waiver Type". Does it say "continual rolling list?"

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    • Also keep in mind Free Agent pickups do not count as waivers

    • Thanks for the reply. Is it possible for commish to over ride settings and manually assign priority numbers? I've seen things in my league that just don't make sense. Two weeks in a row I have put in 2 waiver claims. I am in next to last place. 2 weeks in a row I lost both players to teams with better records and MORE waiver claims than I. The first place team his picked up two waiver players two weeks in a row. I don't understand how after making a sucessful claim the first place team didn't drop to bottom in priority. It's mind boggling.

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      • Because it is not "Rolling" . If it is just Reverse Order and not Rlling then he can pick all day and not lose his turn. Once he is done making as many picks as he wants, THEN he should go to the bottom. And as I think it was stated FA pickups do not count against waiver ranking.
        And yes he can go in and change waiver priority but it will show up in Commish Actions and the Transactions log.
        We could guess all day so why don't you look up in the setting what the exact waiver type you have. thanks.