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  • Hey people, I'm starting a survivor pool on yahoo, starting week 4. New England's week 2 loss against Arizona and New Orleans and San Franscisco losing last week knocked I think more than 75% of people out of survivor pools, so I'm sure there are some people craving another pool.

    The entry for this will be $20, it will be done through paypal since LS does not allow me to start a league this late into the season. Some people have many reservations about joining a Paypa* league but I can assure you as I am in over 25 leagues this year, I'm not looking to rip anyone off, just want a little excitement and being knocked out so early in the season, as Im sure most of you are...are craving more! We will start things off this week, week 4 and fees need to be paid before Sunday! Those who join and pay before Thursday can pick the Thursday game if they want.

    You can send your fees via paypa* to ciphasound at hotmail PLEASE do not say it is for fantasy football or survivor or anything gambling. With your funds please send me a note with your name for the pool. Also remember that when sending fees make sure it is $20 US and the fees are charged to you or sometimes if you send it as a gift sometimes there are no fees.

    TO JOIN: you need a yahoo account, go to survivor football, the GROUP ID# 36744, the name of the group is The Imperfections and the password is football. Good luck and if you have any questions, you can email me at the same email.

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