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  • Jim G Jim G Jul 18, 2012 9:21 PM Flag

    Commissioners - PLEASE READ this

    To John G - thanks for the comments. Dare I say that Yahoo is creating posting problems for honest Commishes to promote their new "Pay" leagues? If you had fun, don't leave. Check out my league - search Pappy's in this corner's search box. Good luck in your league. Jim G.

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    • Will do. By the way..in case it sounded as though I lost my mind in talking about the sports page format having changed: when I opened it just before leaving my comment, it had changed. Later on, it had been changed back to it's usual format. That's exactly what happened just prior o the permanent changes to the message boards that WE ALL HATE! It appears these brief changes are "tests" by Yahoo techs. As well, the "General" category of the message board had been removed...& then, it suddenly reappeared. Tx. Again!


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