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  • Jayraider521614 Jayraider521614 Jul 17, 2012 8:39 PM Flag

    Dirty Commissioner. how do I report/replace

    Mgrs team name is LosSacachucha his name is Jose and the league La Champions League (ID# 99798)

    after research, Yahoo doesn't get involved, so all I and the owner that got hosed could do is give him a bad rating and quit the league. Sucks cuz I had a Monster Team, Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Matthews, Larry Fitzgerald, Matt Forte, Jamaal Charles, Antonio Gates, Jeremy Maclin, Deason Jackson, Roy Helu, Ben Rothlisberger, Eric Decker , Malcolm Floyd and Mcgahee. I drafted well but fair is fair and right is right. Changed my team name to the Commish is a Joke. Leason Learned

    Yahoo recommends to try one of their leagues that auto Place you and doesnt have managers. Only problem is the times it autopicks for those drafts suck.


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