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  • Joseph Joseph Jun 11, 2012 5:43 PM Flag

    Trading Draft Picks in Keeper League Question...Please help!

    Hi, normally I am pretty good with this stuff but I need a little help here...In regards to trading draft picks in a keeper league can someone please address the following situation.
    In our league you can keep 3 with a option for a 4th (but it costs you a 1st round pick). If I trade a player for 2 picks (lets say a 1st and 3rd round pick) can I create a custom draft order in which a team has NO pick in a particular round or do I have to create a system that still allows for each team to be entered into each draft round? Essentially, if its a 12 team league can round one only have 11 teams picking because a team traded its 1st round pick away. THANK YOU!

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    • Dear Joseph,

      You can set it up to where only 1 team picks in the first round if you want if he some how got everyones's first rd. picks. But yes if you trade player x for a first and a third, you would have your first and his first in the that round. That being said you have to trade equal amout of picks in any trade and im asuming you have done that? Yahoo won't let you trade draft picks unless the equal amounts are traded between teams. What we do is trade later picks in substitution for earlier ones...In your situation you have to trade your last two picks in your draft which would be from rounds 16 and 17 depending on how many players you have set for your fantasy teams.
      Player x 1st rd
      16th rd. 3rd rd
      17th rd.
      This should set it up to where you atleast have your picks in the order you wanted it. I hope this helps

    • For a 12 team league, you do have to have 12 picks made in each round. I'm not sure I understand you're situation completely, but if you've got a manager that is giving up their 1st round pick so they can have an extra keeper, then you just assign that keeper to be selected in the 1st round.

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      • Thank you for the reply. In regards to the 4th keeper, I do know how that works. We have done it in the past and the 4th keeper (few teams keep one) is assigned and everyone else drafts as if it is the 1st round. The team that had a 4th keeper assigned is simply skipped. What we were thinking was implementing the ability to trade keepers for draft picks. So if I had Andre Johnson and wanted to trade him for a 1st and 3rd round pick that would mean that my trading partner would now no longer have a 1st and 3rd round pick. (We used to assign all keepers in the first 3/4 rounds but this year we are thinking of assigning them at the end of the draft). We have used the custom draft order in the past but if I use it, is their a way for me to skip a player in a round who has traded away a draft pick. As the previous post said he thinks all 12 teams must be assigned a pick each round, if this is the case then I don't think you can do it.

    • If they traded it away then there would still be 12 picks....their pick would just be done by the team who received it. If they lost it due to keeping a 4th player Yahoo would likely just not include them in the 1st round. Either way I would think Yahoo should do this automatically when the trade is accepted.


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