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  • Troy Troy Jun 7, 2012 8:51 PM Flag

    Commissioner help!

    How can I track posts? Sorry for such an ordinary question, but is there a way to monitor topics I have posted (so that I get e-mail alerts if someone replies, etc.). Most forums have this; am I overlooking something obvious?

    Response(s) appreciated!

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    • What you are describing is the OLD way Yahoo did their message board before they created the gunk we have today. From what I hear as a Commissioner the old way is sorely missed!! Now it is one long continuous thread and you really don't know who replies to what without scrolling through umpteen relies. And since they've changed it, I've notice a huge drop off in the use of the Message Board. About 3 years, my league's msg board was well into the 200's...now it's about 50. They dislike the format so much it's by-passed. And I'll email my team managers before I use the Message Board.


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