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    questions about keeper league?

    I've been the commish of a non keeper league for about 5 years now. It's a very competitive league that has always run very smoothly. I've had a few managers inquire about a keeper league this year. I'm wondering if you guys prefer a keeper or non keeper league and why? How do you guys set up your keeper league, how many guys do you keep etc. What are the pros and cons cons of a keeper league? Any info is much appreciated.

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    • we had an identical scenario in a league years back. what we did was add 1 keeper, then added another keeper each year for 3 years for 4 total. that way you have time to build towards it, instead of being forced to keep players you drafted under a non-keeper strategy. put it to a league vote to decide it

      the pros are:
      -it helps balance the luck factor, and provides an opportunity for skill to shine. do your homework and draft an unknown rookie like MJD (like I did) and keep him for 7 years.
      -it drastically changes player values, youth and potential are at more of a premium. that makes it feel a little more realistic
      -it makes every free agent pickup/cut agonizing. no one wants to be the guy who cut next years potential superstar
      -it makes the position you draft less important, and makes the draft more interesting. some GMs just won't be able to resist the"next big thing" and may jump for a highly touted rookie.

    • I am in the same boat. My league is becoming a keeper league this year. Its a standard league with 10 teams, QB,3WR,2RB,TE,K,Def
      minor changes to scoring.
      Under recomendations our keeper system works like this.
      Keepers are option. The cost is a draft pick two rounds higher then the player was drafted. So
      A first round draftee costs a first round pick
      as does a thrid round draftee.
      A sixth round draftee costs a 4th round pick.
      If a player was aquired through a trade, his draft round stays the same. A free agent pick up however is a 13th round draft pick.
      Have have yet to understand how i can pug keeper players in or remove draft picks.
      Does anyone know how?

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      • That's EXACTLY my issue. I've commished our $league for 8yrs now, but I'm really wanting to move it into a keeper status. But, how do you ensure players are picked and/or NOT picked in correct spots. ???? We've always done Live Online, do we change it to offline now? (Hope not)

      • Once you go keeper you never go back. Mine is simple we keep any 5 guys we want each year and they plug into your first 5 rounds of the draft. So the draft starts in Round 6.

        My keepers for this year will be Drew Brees, Lesean Mccoy, Ahmad Bradshaw, Mike Wallace, and Rob Gronkowski. So essentially the top 60 players would not be in your draft each year, but everyone has different strategy may keep someone for long term even though they aren't top player yet and top level talent does change hands usually in pre-season trades involving draft picks. This makes offseason very busy.

    • Here are the detailed rules for our keeper league that work REALLY well and keep teams balanced. I hate Dyn league because you can really get screwed for years if you make the wrong move or the reverse if you get really lucky with a pick.

      Check ours out. It is the most balanced keeper rules I've ever come up with, perfected over the seasons.


    • With keeper league, an owner is always thinking about their team. It pays to follow the draft, OTA's and especially the preseason.

      LeShaun McCoy and Ray Rice were undrafted rookies once upon a time.

      Our keeper league. The 6th round is our first keeper round. All players drafted 6th and after or free agents are eligible to be kept.

      If a player drafted rounds 1-5 are dropped, and unclaimed, they are now eligible to be kept.

      IR/NA players are not eligible to be kept.

      Trading draft picks and keeper players are encouraged in our league.

      Losing is not. Winning out determines our draft slot. Champion drafts 1st overall. 10th place drafts last.

    • bump it up

    • I like Dynasty better than keeper. You can only save a few players in keeper leagues which means that if you have a hunch that a rookie is going to be good and you draft him on your team but he isn't really a bonified #1 yet, you have to let him go and don't get credit for your intuition. AJ Green for example. You draft him last year and he has a nice year but most likely wouldn't warrant keeping him in a keeper league. DeMarco Murray the same way. Now in dynasty you can hold onto your entire team year after year and in 3 or 4 years DeMarco Murray and AJ Green could be bonafied #1's and you would be able to reap the benefits of your intuition.

    • I absolutely prefer my keeper league to my non-keeper leagues. It's amazingly better. If you have a solid group of guys you should do it.

      We keep 0-3 players each year. The player you keep is automatically slotted 2 rounds higher in next years draft than he was in this years draft. FA's are automatically round 13.

      So for example this year I'm keeping Marshawn Lynch, Jordy Nelson, and Roy Helu. Lynch was my 5th round pick in 2011, Nelson was my 11th, and Helu was a FA. So in 2012 they are my 3rd, my 9th, and my 13th round pick.

      Doing it this way keeps all the big talent in the draft (Brady, Brees, Foster, MJD, Rice, McCoy, MegaTron, Rodgers, etc are all in the draft pool for this upcoming season).

    • i switched to a keeper league two years ago i would never go back.

      Just make sure your managers are gonna be in your league for years to come at least a good core group.

    • I prefer the Dynasty League myself where you get to keep all you players and build a long term league. I host one and am opening another on proboards this year. If you are interested in seeing how one of those works send me an email and I will let you check my set up out. Uncle_d913@yahoo.com


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