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  • Ryan Ryan Apr 30, 2012 9:39 AM Flag

    What changes do you want in your league?

    Speaking to my fellow commish's out there:

    What changes do you want to see Yahoo make to it's fantasy football leagues next year? I have a few issues that I wrote to about:

    1. The new forum setting is good, but could be so much better. Allow video posts, and more!

    2. The waiver system. With the new Thursday night games being all year this year, they need to have a setting where players in that game go on waivers that night, but the rest stay off of waivers until their games start on Sundays. Right now it is that everyone goes on waivers during the first games or Sunday.

    Let's hear your issues!

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    • Not gonna go crazy over the thursday waiver issue, cause that player wont play till the next sunday anyway.

    • 2nd year Commish, I read quite a few of the posts, 2 things, Stat-tracker did not work for me and 2, I would like to have the player scores (pre-draft) to show based on OUR scoring system!

      Also, hope they have an easy system for doing a 1 keeper, but ONLY outside of the 1st 3 rounds (forfeit that draft pick) option to make my life easier!

    • If i have two divisions i want to be able to set it that 4 from each division make it and that it's set up like the actual playoffs where conferences play each other and the playoff winners from each conference meet in the championship to play each other

    • I would like to see the commissioners' e-mail owners option stay available after the season has completed. Currently, several weeks after the conclusion of a season - the "e-mail owners" option disappears in the league history and is not available until renewal time at the beginning of June or so.

      Also, if an owner changes e-mails, I would like to see the leagues automatically update them in the Yahoo forum if necessary (they may already do so, but during that down time from late February to June its difficult to tell)

    • I would like to see the draft set-up that you cannot pick more than the number of starters for each position until all STARTING positions are full. After that then you can start picking up the additional QB's, RB's, WR's or whatever you want. I see way too many times where one team ranks a lot of QB's, RB's or WR's really high and end up with 3 or 4 really top level players while someone else that has a lower draft pick ends up with scraps and then has to try to find a way to trade for a decent player. This should be the routine throughout the whole draft so as to keep people from stockpiling a lot of players in a particular position to keep others from getting them.

    • I run an auction keeper league with salary caps, restricted free agents, franchise tags, etc., which can be difficult to manage with Yahoo's format.

      1. Have a Poll feature where you can create a poll for everyone to vote on.

      2. Allow the commissioner to attach a file (Excel, Word doc) to messages.

      3. Allow multiple drafts -- we have a restricted free agent period before the actual draft every year. We have to use google docs for the RFA period since I can't use a custom draft through Yahoo for both.

      4. Allow teams to create their logo for each league. I know Yahoo allows you to upload an image to use for your logo. The problem is, like most of us, I am in multiple leagues and use different team names and the image you select for one team is used for every team.

      5. Show player salaries during the year. We do an auction draft and an auction waiver system, but it doesn't show any player salaries on your roster. You have to either search in the Draft results setting or search through past transactions to see how much a player was signed for.

      6. Allow teams to include cash/cap space in trades.

      7. Have a taxi squad.

      8. Power rankings!

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      • Another thing I really wish Yahoo did was kept track of historical stats for leagues...it would be sweet to have a tab you could go to and view your head to head data, year to year records and playoff performances. Or see records like which team throughout the history of the league scored the most points, had the highest scoring week, etc.

        I'm in a few leagues that have been using Yahoo for many years now including one heading into our 8th season in a row, with most of the same teams returning every year. It would be cool to see how Sam's 2004 dream team compared to Kevin's championship squad from last year.


    • Fantasy Improvements


      - Increase the limit to 24 teams.
      - Allow the association of 2 Leagues to make a Superbowl based on a mini Draft with the players of the first week of NFL playoffs.
      - Include money and rounds Drat talks from pre-season.
      - Change Format Draft and include rounds transaction (I own PNG file).
      - Modifying automatically the "Can't Cut List" according to the highest scoring fantasy players each week.
      - Only include in the Rosters: Position, Player, Market Value, Opponent, Status, Trends and fantasy points.

      Enable the Commissioner

      - Establish the number of players for the "Can't Cut List".
      - Disable players, which can not be purchased until he allows it.
      - Establish a fixed cost to acquire the players as free agents.
      - Establish a market value of each player and a minimum for the lower level.
      - Establish a floor for the Market Value.
      - Establish a salary cap for the roster based on market values of the players.
      - Establish the local team in each contest and allow players to have a fraction of a point extra for it.
      - Edit League history, devoting a page to include Super leaders, Divisional Champions, Sub Champions, Champions and lost years.

      Fantasy Points Settings

      - Allow different value TE's and DE's.
      - Include negative points for penalties.
      - Allow the points scale to tackles as the yard in which they are made.

    • I would like the option to computer generate Yahoo's pre-draft rankings according to the scoring settings in your league. Leagues that award points for return yards or receptions, for example, would have much different rankings if these category's were taken into consideration. An example would be players like Sproles...he would easily be ranked 1-2 rounds higher in a PPR/return yard league. This would be especially useful in keeper leagues that require you to give up your pick in the round your keeper is projected to be drafted in.

    • Keep Fantasy open all year so I can look at who has what draft picks. Be more up-to-date on which players are playing what positions. i.e. Percy Harvin was listed as a wr but had a significant amount of carries last yr.... Highlights on Stat Tracker would be cool. If I Have Ray Rice and he busts a 50 yrd TD, then let me watch a replay of it! Shoot, I'd even pay for that service! Let the commish draft for people who can't make the draft, during a live online draft. I think some more development could be done to the trade analyzer. Maybe have a Waiver analyzer so you can easily see if some free agent is projected to score more then your guys.

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      • Although I think that all of these are great ideas, two have been in my own head for years now and honestly i'm stunned that Yahoo hasn't done them- we should have access to our league and stats year round. We should absolutely be able to trade draft picks but to do this we would probably need the draft order established at least a week in advance.

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