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  • Jim G Jim G Dec 24, 2011 6:35 PM Flag

    FN Commish

    Hey Underdog,

    I became a Commish about 5 weeks ago in one of my leagues (the original Commish was overextended & just asked me). I learned a lot reading Yahoo’s rules, & honestly there ain’t nuthin’ you can do about it. I know, it sucks, but it is was it is. I have read a lot of posts about suckball Commishs, & just shake my head & say WTF. I just chalk it up to the obvious fact that there are a lot of “little” people out there who have no control over their own lives so they live out their fantasy by “controlling” yours.

    Keep on playing…there are more good Commishs than the cretin who you spoke about. Probably not much help, but enjoy Christmas & just dismiss this A-Ho from your thoughts.


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    • Weird. I didn't even know you could make changes like this as the commissioner. That's lame as hell.

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      • Hey Michael & Underdog.

        That is why I offered my post. I assume Yahoo thinks that most folks who play FF (or whatever other sport they offer) are honest. In my experiences, that is true.

        But there is a tab after “Draft Central” that we don’t see (unless you are a Commish) that is titled “Commish Rules”. It is here that I can play “GOD”. There are a host of things that I can do, but the most important are 1) I can edit rosters at any time, 2) I can change team points at any time, 3) I can change league settings at any time, 4) I can lock teams out (literally of anything you as an owner can do) at any time.

        So the moral of the story on this here Christmas Eve is that if your Commish wants to screw you, he/she can. Don’t play this for $ unless you trust your Commish with your life.

        FF is supposed to be fun. In the leagues I am in it has proven to be. But Caveat Emptor….let the buyer beware.

        Merry Christmas & Happy whatever floats your boat!

        P.S. If Yahoo don't like the truth be told, then talk to me.


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