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  • Sandoman Sandoman Dec 18, 2011 7:57 PM Flag

    Cheating Commish!

    So here is the question...Is it possible for the commisioner to put in Tebow for Rivers in the middle of the Pats game and it now show up as the commish making a change in the transaction section? I think he just subbed him in on time, but another player states that Tebow was not in the lineup after the game started.

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    • once a game starts- yahoo locks the player- even a commish cant change-

    • Your getting screwed by your Commish! Yhey can make changes and it IS listed in the league buttom at the bottom as all transactions. You can see the time that the change occured. Hopefully your not in a money league.

    • what time does it show in the transaction section of your league page?

      commish cant change that, can he?

    • Sometimes yahoo will lag with roster adjustments. I've seen it happen a few times when people(Non-commissioner), make last minute adjustments. Like everyone said, check commish activity, and make sure it didn't happen after game started.

    • Well Rivers is doing better than Tebow is so what does it matter. The Chargers are kicking the Ravens butt and Rivers is rocking away. So if he has Rivers and Tebow what does it matter.

    • Wah Wah Wah... stop crying and get a life.

    • Commish most certainly can change rosters after games begin. Seen it first hand in my league. Commish can also lock all rosters any time he wants. He can lock individual teams as he chooses. Seen it first hand in my league. He locked every roster in league last Sunday night but not his. We were unable to change any players this week. The commish though was able to change his. He also locked everyone from the waiver wire but himself. All posting was also locked. Commish name is Alex Zeulsdorf. If this is his real name i don't know. Highly advise not joining any league he is a commish.

    • I don't know the answer to that one. But I will say in my 2nd year of playing now (third team, created a 2QB league myself this year, and playing second year in a normal 10 team, 1QB league) I too have noticed some sketchy and insufficiently explained activity.
      TO BE FAIR, our Commish is an all around great guy, very giving, friend of my girlfriend's children, etc. That said, I remembered (and told a fellow league mate, who has played for more years in this league than myself) that I wondered LAST YEAR if the COMMISH and a second, different team (WHO WON IT ALL, BY THE WAY) were one and the same person. Reason being I noticed once or twice last year (AND IT HAPPENED TWICE THIS YEAR, WAIT TIL I TELL YOU) the Manager name and Team name managed by the person DROPPING or ADDING a player did not SYNCH UP.
      So, when I saw it happen TWICE this year, with a symbol (no quotes) c1, like maybe c for commishioner next to the "CORRECTED", or "REVERSED" drop, i.e. they gave said team TWO CREDITS on TOTAL NUMBER OF FA MOVES MADE. THIS YEAR, it meant He got HELU, come playoff time, with TWO EXTRA MOVES THAN THE REST OF US. Just got a "nothing sinister, no conspiracy, He (the commish) knows what happened, and.." from the team credited, and "Yahoo automatically keeps the count, I corrected two accidental drops" by the COmmish. They are H.S. friends, though we all have never met the man.
      THE GOOD NEWS? I knocked him out of the playoffs this week, and the commish got knocked out in both leagues, or didn't make it in my 2QB league, forget. KARMA! Maybe there was a good reason, BUT TWO YEARS STRAIGHT? I had emailed, said, "How does one "accidentally" drop someone..do we ALL get a Mulligan, then?"
      I have already questioned, before winning in my league, and being just 1.9 pts down, his players all having played, myself with GORE and A. BROWN, on MNF, at the end of today...I have already questioned if I would play in this league next year--13 weeks of effort, and you use your 25th roster/FA add (thinking the main competitor is right there with you), and of a sudden he has two extra moves, takes Helu. Also, the number of FA moves dropped from last year, from 30 to 25...So, if you know you can get a cpl back, and some other teams use em up...GOOD LUCK!. I am commissioner in my league, this first year...It did look like one could go and change the waiver position for someone, maybe...and a blogger told me that there is some GOOD reason a commisioner might be able to do a correction, but like I said, I didn't get a solid answer, and all our good natured, fun this and last year smack talke dried up once I asked about it, and didn't send out any myself...guilty consciences? Dunno.

    • Actually, Yahoo has recently changed this. As commish I have a rule that no inactive players can be in the starting lineup and I replace them with bench players. When I did this in Week 9 it did not show up in League Activity, but when I did it in Week 12, it did. I had a friend who was commish in a league whose championship was this week try it after tonight's game, and it also showed up. I am aware that this is a fairly recent change, though.

      The point is that it will only show up if play for both players has begun.

    • Supreme Ruler of the Universe Supreme Ruler of the Universe Dec 18, 2011 11:42 PM Flag

      After StatTracker is loaded, it won't catch a roster change until you refresh it.

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