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  • Sandoman Sandoman Dec 18, 2011 7:57 PM Flag

    Cheating Commish!

    So here is the question...Is it possible for the commisioner to put in Tebow for Rivers in the middle of the Pats game and it now show up as the commish making a change in the transaction section? I think he just subbed him in on time, but another player states that Tebow was not in the lineup after the game started.

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    • It has happen to me I deleted my team

    • I know...it's crazy, right? But he was adamant that the program existed, and he even gave me the info for someone he knew that had used it before. I felt like I was infiltrating some type of secret society or something. I wouldn't be surprised if he was right, however. He dropped out of Princeton to start his own tech company :).

    • agree wholeheartedly. That's what I do if I sense that a commissioner in a league I play in seemed to have possibly done it before.

      As far as a program that a manager could use to do as you are saying, that would be pretty wild, seems to me it would be VERY hard to build a program that could do this. It would have to basically hack Yahoo's servers.

    • No problem...just didn't want people to be misinformed and start accusing their commish of something he may not have done.

      On another note, I was informed by one of my managers last week that there may be a program of sorts that allows managers to change their lineups after play has begun (I haven't confirmed this). This change would not show up under Recent Updates, presumably because it would not be a commish change, but a change by the individual manager.

      All in all, the best practice for managers is to take screen shots of your opponent's lineup immediately after each game start time (Thursday night, Saturday night, Sunday 1pm, 4pm, night, and Monday night) just to confirm that no funny business has gone on. And don't take the screen shot from StatTracker...use the main league matchup page!

    • I'm a commish and have a bye week and I just changed Michael Turner for Ryan Matthews and it shows up in recent updates lineup changed for team name in week 15.

    • **CONFIRMED**

      I had a team who missed the playoffs and benched everyone on his roster except his kicker in week 14 (1st week of playoffs in that league). I tested it by putting in a QB and checking, and Skip is dead on.

      Sorry for the misinformation above, but as Skip stated, Yahoo just started doing this, it didn't show prior to this season, and was a total pain. So, if you fear your commish has done this, simply check under "Recent Updates" and click the "Commish Changes" tab....

      Thx for the heads up on this much needed change, Skip..

    • Correction: I tried in Week 12 and this week. The changes showed up in Recent Updates under Commish Changes. The change was noted as "lineup changed for team Team Name for week 15".

    • If you read carefully, it says that I believe that Yahoo listened to complaints. I can't definitively prove that they did. I've tried it in Week 9 (when it did not show up) and Week 2 and this week (when it did show up). I've always maintained that it does now show up...just that I can only speculate about the reason why it was changed.

    • you say you BELIEVE Yahoo must have changed it, but you have tested it and know for a fact?

      which is it???

      by the way, no it does NOT record roster changes when you take players ALREADY ON A ROSTER and switch them from bench to starter.

      If you do a drop-add, it DOES record it.

      I challenge any of you to go try it and look right now. I would, but I'm not running a league this season, but a commish in a league I do play in got busted doing it earlier this season, and there was NO record of it whatsoever anywhere in the league.

    • This used to be the case, but I believe that Yahoo may have listened to complaints and made a change to reflect commish roster changes after play has begun. I've tested it in my league, as has another commish I know.

      It is correct that historically there was no record of this activity.

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