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  • dan dan Nov 6, 2011 1:18 AM Flag

    agonized all week over this one.......

    we all have faith in blount, its the scenario thats hard to trust, Blount doesnt play on passing downs, The saints are one of the leagues best offenses, and in a week where more-so than others, theyll be playing to prove something (that last week was a fluke and theyre still a force)
    Both History and conventional wisdom dictate that if the saints jump on top by 10 or more points early in the game, Blount will be sitting on the sidelines for the majority of the snaps, Graham being out does not effect Blounts work load, it effects Lumpkins work-load, he's the 3rd down/passing formation back.
    I Blount as an option this week, and i'd tell most people to start him, but most people dont have the options you have, Beanie and Sjax are two top-10 Fantasy RBs this year and theyre both playing against WEAK rund Defenses, AND theyll both have backup QBs running there offenses which (both histiry and conventional wisdom dictate) means, theyll be relying even more heavily on there Run-Games
    Blount is an excellent option this week, but he's not as good as Beanie and SJax respectively

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