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  • joe joe Nov 4, 2011 1:57 AM Flag

    Commish managing two teams?

    One of the players in our league stopped setting his lineup. Since then the commissioner has commandeered his team adding multiple FAs through the waiver wire and setting his lineup based on what he (the LM) thinks. Do you guys think this is proper protocol by the commish?

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    • yes but he should be looking for a replacement manager there are plenty of people on here willing to take over a team and add another league.

    • thanks for all the input, seems like plugging in the optimal lineup via yahoo rankings seems fair. Did I mention the ownerless teamis still in playoff contention and has a better record than the commishs team?

    • I have a similar problem in my league, although i am commish. i've handled as follows, the guys team is the second worst, i've started his best available lineups every weeks based on projections. I picked up for him only ONE week where he had 5 byes, and still had players like Kyle Orton, Terrel Owens, etc.. after that again i only start his best lineup, but you shouldn't be managing his team. If he keeps losing fine, everybdy get's almost a free win when they play him. Just because you dont wn't another team to win doesn't mean you should be playing two teams. Commish start his best lineup even against yourself, which i had to, and let whatever happens happens. just make sure to collect his league fee so your not stuck with a managerless team and no compensation to the rest of the league. !!!!!!

    • I've done similar things in previous leagues, however, if I was dropping players to waivers...especially those with talent, I'd would forfeit my team or prevent myself from claiming any of those players off of the wire.

      It's commendable that your commish is taking such a personal liking to members, trying to enrich the gaming experience for each of you! Give him kudos!

    • It sounds like your commissionaire now has 2 teams. If another owner isn't taking care of his responsibilities and setting a complete and legit line up I think the commish should insert players into the individuals team so he at least has a complete lineup so some sort of competitive balance is reached but i think it is completely inappropriate for him to make transactions. It gives him an unfair advantage over the rest of the league.

    • Does the commish have a team of his own? If so, they shouldnt be making all kinds of roster changes and only using the players on the current roster to set the lineups, or have a league vote on what to do with the team.

    • Commish should never set a lineup unless emergency (Owner contacts him and says he can't access his team for some reason)

      I have replaced Manager this year, it takes about 5 minutes on th MB's, about the time it took him to set the lineup.

      Commish should never 'play with themselves'

    • id say so. sounds like a terribly crappy situation and alot of what ifs. the only thing id say he could do is to put the best available lineup in for him by default. that guy needs to be released from the league. my league developed a constitution this season (the league is in its 8th season) which has proved to help with alot of specific situations. i wont say your league should do this but i do recommend the idea.

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      • yup, our league (12th year) had a plan in place if it ever happened, and it happened once.

        Team was 1-6, abandoned, didn't want to give the remaining teams "free wins" so what happened was probably the only fair way to do it (besides the obvious of finding a replacement manager.)

        Commish took control of team, but made NO moves on his own, no judgement calls in the lineup, nothing. All that was done is base the starting lineup off the projected scores and for any IR or BYE weeks then the commish dropped either the IR player or the lowest scoring player on the team and added the highest scoring FA at the position needed from the wire (or if that player was taken, 2nd highest, etc...)


    • Not right, because what if he plays himself? I wouldn't trust anyone to set the lineup of who they will be going up against. This happened in one of my leagues. The uproar from everyone in the league put an end to that after one week. He needs to either leave it alone or find a replacement manager.

    • yes but only until he can find a replacement. You don't want teams to get a free win when we are half way through the season and especially where some teams may play the unmanagered team twice. He should find a replacement soon but if he doesn't maybe have a vote to see if the lineup is fair especially if he is playing that team that week.


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