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  • Dylan Dylan Nov 4, 2011 8:42 AM Flag

    Commish managing two teams?

    I have a similar problem in my league, although i am commish. i've handled as follows, the guys team is the second worst, i've started his best available lineups every weeks based on projections. I picked up for him only ONE week where he had 5 byes, and still had players like Kyle Orton, Terrel Owens, etc.. after that again i only start his best lineup, but you shouldn't be managing his team. If he keeps losing fine, everybdy get's almost a free win when they play him. Just because you dont wn't another team to win doesn't mean you should be playing two teams. Commish start his best lineup even against yourself, which i had to, and let whatever happens happens. just make sure to collect his league fee so your not stuck with a managerless team and no compensation to the rest of the league. !!!!!!


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