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  • Old Blue Old Blue Oct 27, 2011 8:53 PM Flag

    Need Manager For Takeover (fun and fair pay league)

    Okay - I have another spot open. This member is 4 and 3 with a fine team, but they never respond to emails, board posts, never smack talk, etc. I like people to stay active with their teams. At least respond when I send out a message trying to find out everyone's favorite team, etc. They have already missed one bye week, and did respond with an excuse - but the excuse only applied to the last minute (church running over or something) - I like our league to already have something planned out before the last minute (they already have some more byes this week with no response). I know shit can always happen, and I don't just turn people out on a whim - but at least talk to me and show that you are enjoying the league and making an attempt to be competitive - makes it better for everyone.

    With that said, I will need to send this member a refund since they haven't quit voluntarily. Everyone paid $22.50 to join the league which will all be paid out as explained below. So if you want to take over this team, and just stay competitive and have fun (and respond to silly requests like favorite team!) I will need a paypal payment of $22.50 sent to agreen1978@gmail.com once you have agreed to join. I have friends and my brother in this league and a few others who can all vouch for my honesty.

    4th place (chance for real playoffs) is currently 4 and 3, so you would still have a very good shot. Plus there is a consolation prize of $20 for the "consolation playoffs) - winner of the 2 playoff games between the 5th thru 8th ranked teams. So, no matter what you will have a chance for $20 for winning weeks 15 and 16. The top prizes are $75, $50, and $35 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. This team has two trades available (2 trade limit) and free agents are always available (no waivers). There are only 4 bench spots (tight squeeze).

    Send me an email at agreen1978@gmail.com if interested and I can transfer the team to your yahoo account once the paypal is confirmed. The only other requirements are that you keep your roster active and at least try to compete for the remainder of the league - and respond within reason to questions, etc.

    Below is the current line up you would be taking control of.

    QB Tony Romo
    QB Josh Freeman
    WR Roddy White
    WR Calvin Johnson
    WR Vincent Jackson
    RB Matt Forte
    RB Arian Foster
    TE Owen Daniels
    W/R Torrey Smith
    BN Jahvid Best
    BN Victor Cruz
    BN Ben Tate
    BN Antonio Gates
    K Mason Crosby
    DEF Baltimore
    D DeMarcus Ware
    D Sean Lee

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