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  • Eric Eric Sep 24, 2011 11:23 AM Flag

    Roster Help

    Who should I start?

    QB - Tony Romo or Rex Grossman....pick 1
    WR - Hakeem Nicks, AJ Green or Jordy Nelson...pick 1
    RB - Lagarrett Blount, Beanie Wells or Fred Jackson...pick 1

    Here's what my team looks like, right now:
    QB - Brees
    QB - Romo (but will he last the whole game)
    WR - Britt
    WR - Maclin
    WR - Nicks (can he beat the Eagles coverage)
    RB - Peterson
    RB - Jackson (is he the better option over Blount and Wells)
    TE - Graham
    W/R/T - Green (are any of the bech guys a better option here, excluding QB's)
    BN - Grossman
    BN - Dalton
    BN - Blount
    BN - Wells
    BN - Nelson

    Thanks guys!

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