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    Need reliable advice

    I'm in a 12-team H2H league. I have the #1 waiver spot. Should I use it on Roy Helu or hold onto it for a more prominent injury to someone else? My RBs are Bradshaw, Jacobs, Bush, Thomas, and Starks. I have to start 2 RBs each week. I really need help on this one because I'm not sure if I should pull the trigger.

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    • Do not use a number 1 pick for him.

    • I'm a Skins fan and have been following Helu a lot. He will play late in games or to change it up, but Hightower remains the #1. I like Helu and have him on my team. I think he will have a more expanded role in 4-6 weeks. I would take him for the playoff run.

    • You could also pick him up after waivers pass if he's still there...

    • Hightower is going to cap Helu's value even if he does gain more carries. Hightower is a beast at pass protection and will probably remain the goal-line back. It's up to you, but you already have a ton of runningbacks. I'd probably stick with what you got and wait until an RB1 gets injured with a good back-up. It sucks holding on to that waiver (I know) so no harm in burning it, but you'll be kicking yourself if you miss out on a great pick up in a week or two. The only way I see Helu being uber productive is if Hightower goes down and you've already got a bunch of backs that are in the same position. Starks by the way may turn into a solid RB2. He looks like he's running away with that job (although GB's fullback is a bitch about vulturing TD's).

    • If Bradshaw or Starks go down, you'll be in trouble as the other 3 won't do much for you. Torain has been ready to play for a week or two, but had fallen into disfavor with Shanahan who came out this week praising Helu's instincts, etc. Considering the overall lack of RB's and your precarious position, yes, I'd use my #1 waiver posiion to get Helu. Note: By the time the playoffs come around, you'll become #1 waiver again.

    • Don't do it. The Helu situation is too muddled to be worthy of your #1 waiver. Still have to worry about Hightower and Torain when he returns. It looks like you're pretty deep at RB anyway, why get a backup who will be competing for carries all season? WR's Decker and D. Moore look to have a more solidified hold onto their future playing time. If T. Jones was available, I'd use the #1 waiver on him. Everybody thought he was too old last year and would be playing the bench behind J. Charles, only to see him rack up almost 1000 yds on the ground. This guy is a modern marvel as far as RBs go! Before the season started, I still liked him to get 500-600 yds behind Charles, but with Jamaal now out of the way, I can see him getting 1000 yards easy.

    • There has to be somebody out there who has an opinion on this. Help???


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