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  • Bryant P Bryant P Sep 16, 2011 1:23 PM Flag

    Should I shop a runningback?

    In my league, people tend to drool over running backs. your WR aren't bad though, Boldin and Harvin WILL have good years. Elite no, but effective. I'd wait another week or 2 and see how Sproles develops for the Saints, If he stays productive, you might be able to package him with one of the 2 receivers mentioned for a upgraded receiver. Understand that no one is going to let go of an Andre Johnson type player. You could also consider fishing for a QB, Manning is all but done for the season and Orton is on some seriously thin ice. I'd target a guy like Stafford, or even Fitzpatrick. They Shouldn't cost much and barring injury should put up big numbers this year with young offenses who will be playing catch up for most their games (meaning the ball is going to be thrown a lot more). Hope I helped! Goodluck.


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